Hunting in Tokyo

Here's some images from our recent trip to Tokyo, the place is incredible... Enjoy...

We've all seen images of Tokyo, but when you actually get there it's mind blowing, such an inspiring place, a true 24 hour cityhighMount Fuji from the hotelfuji1If you're in Tokyo you have to check out the Bape store in Aoyama, the design is genius, really impressivebape1bape2bape3Another must is the Original Fake store, the huge dissected figure in the doorway is amazing.fake1enterfakebigfake

head over to Harajuku for Supreme, Neighbourhood, Recon, etc. The odd thing is, no-one would let us take pics in-store, even though some of the stores were made of glass??neighbourreconsupremebapekids

Kewpie! Not too sure what this was all about, but it was everywhere, a weird baby chilli thing? So we did a bit of research and found out it's the mascot for some pasta sauce, we might be a little behind with this, but check out the ads on youtube, slightly sinister looking, see them herekewpie

SoftBank Pantone Phones...dscn0839.JPGpantone2pantone3Pantone4

We were there for the cherry blossom season, on Sunday afternoon everyone heads down to Yoyogi Park, with food and drink and sits under the cherry blossom trees getting drunk, waiting for the blossom to fall, and when it does there's a huge cheer that travels across the park as the petals fall like snowcherry 1cherry2

So after a busy day we headed over to the Bape café, cafeNigo wasn't cooking the day we were there, so we just had a glass of

Now this has to be the coolest family... you can't see the big key on the other side of the van!coolfamily

In Japan they look after fat drunk guys... their very own seatfatguy

Stunning architecture everywhere...sectionarch2pradapatternedeyetube

Whenever we're in Tokyo and want to buy some meat we go here...meatand if ever you want a sandwich loaf, pure genius...loafNow look at these two, she wears pink so there's no confusion...couple

If you're in Tokyo, make sure you see the Shibuya Stand Off, it happens every evening around 6pm, gangs of office workers meet at the crossroads and stare each other out across the street, until the light turns green and they all disperse, this goes on all evening, different gangs everytime.shibuya

So over to Roppongi Hills to the Mori Tower and the Mori Arts Centre, morithe views of the city are the bestview1view2view3We called for Nigo to see if he was coming out, he seemed pretty annoyed that we'd woken him up...nigo More soon...