Simpsons Artist Vans

Now we're having trouble believing this one... Whenever you watch The Simpsons, you would see Bart Simpson skateboarding his way across Springfield in the opening scene. After watching this for so many years, it seems that skateboarding has become an integral part of The Simpsons. So for the upcoming Simpsons movie, The Simpsons have collaborated with Vans for something special. Currently, there isn’t much information on these but twelve artists including David Flores, Futura, Gary Panter, Geoff McFetridge, KAWS, Mr. Cartoon, Neckface, Sam Messer, Stash, Taka Hayashi, Todd James and Tony Munoz were enlisted for this project. We’re guessing they’re shoes but hopefully we’ll see something soon. They will be available on July 14th so look out for more information to come. Thanks to Hypebeast for the info. simp-thumb1.jpg