UARM - Artist Series T's

Urban Arts Research and Marketing (Uarm) have been holding things down for 5 years releasing T shirt designs from the worlds most important contemporary artists.
Kinda like a 'thinking mans' Streetwear label with artists such as Mark Gonzales, Faile, Bast and Neck Face to name a few.
We just had a couple of boxes through the door with product from all the above artists. If you wanna stand out from the herd on your next trip to NY, London etc this one is for you.

Rather than just showing product here is is some footage of 2 of the artists:

Here we have 'The Gonz' inventing the term 'Got Flow' in the 1991 check 1991 Blind film Video Days.

Here are 16 things you didnt know about Mark Gonzales courtesy of Skateboarder Mag. Is an interesting read featuring kick flipping bikes, Always riding other peoples boards for photo shoots and puff (cant dance) daddy collecting his artwork(don’t let that put you off)
And here we have Neck Face dressing up as a bat talking about King Diamond. Nice