Pigeon Dunks follow up -Staple Fall in store

Staple Fall is in store, Staple clothing is owned and designed by Jeff Staple, creator of the infamous Pigeon Dunks.

The fall range sees him follow up the now infamous Pigeon Dunk, with the Fighting Pigeons concept.

The pigeon concept was conceived after coming up with one common denominator when discussing the true essence of New York. The pigeon being a bird that lives in every area of NY surviving on the natural environment (garbage)

In doing so he has turned the flying rodent into an unlikely ambassador for NY.

There will be more products along the pigeon theme next year but right now we have some limited Fighting Pigeons zip up hoods in mens and WOMENS sizes.

Also new in store we have a restock on Bearbricks including Nike SB, Sex Pistols and Madsaki.

The Pigeon Dunk designed by Jeff Staple was limited to 150 pairs worldwide and was only released into 5 stores in NY. The release caused near riots with the police being called in to escort luck customers to cabs to avoid being mugged for the shoes. The shoes sold for $300 retail and now fetch up to $4000 if you can find them.