Blek Le Rat - Getting Through the Walls

We have some great new books at HL this week with titles such as Urban Art Photography, Street Sketchbook, The Design Hotelsâ„¢ Yearbook 2008, The Adventures of Darius & Downey, Tokyo Street Style and the excellent new book from Blek Le Rat titled Getting Through the Walls.

Street artist Blek le Rat is revered and acknowledged by the international graffiti community, and his work has influenced CD design, advertising and graphics, as well as the work of many urban artists around the world.
“Every time I think I’ve painted something slightly original, I find out that Blek Le Rat has done it as well. Only twenty years earlier ….”_- Banksy
From small, simple stencils to complex multimedia events, Blek’s distinctive art is showcased here for the first time, demonstrating the development of his technique and creativity over two decades. Whether it’s his unique images of Lady Diana and kidnapped French journalist Florence Aubenas or his iconic silhouette of a rat.
The book features photographs of hundreds of Blek’s works and an in-depth exploration of the method and meaning behind his stencils, as well as a look at the evolution of urban art from New York, Paris, Barcelona and Buenos Aires to London, Taipei, Naples and Berlin.

Interview with Blek le Rat via Swindle Mag