Nevermind at Hunting Lodge

Nevermind is a new brand from Adam Bryce(slamXhype) who working closely with Eric Elms(Supreme etc) and Fergadelic (Tonite, Paul Smith etc) will be releasing a wide variety of products through selected retailers.
The different products will be available in a quickstrike fashion. Meaning that the brand will be able to release relevant products in limited numbers at the right time for the designers. Not following traditional seasonal ranges.
Its a smart move to actually have the product in the store at the same time as the hype and we at HL are very much into supporting this new style of product release.
The first product is a T Shirt called 'Smash Babylon Mind Control' by Fergadelic and we will have it in stock and online any day now.

Other stockists: Colette, Union LA, Wood Wood, Juice, Goodhood, Haven, Ambush, Blends, Bodega, Commonwealth, Darkside, DPMHI, Hanon Shop, Outpost, Someday, Good as Gold, My Hart, The Grand, Hunting Lodge, Kicks HI, Livestock, Patta, The Reed Space, St Alfred, Trust Nobody.