Milk and Money

For some time now, our loyal customers in Oslo have had the pleasure of picking up a fairly unknown but highly promising magazine called Milkandmoney. The periodical covers a wide range of interesting subjects such as fashion, design, photography, drawing, creative writing, music and politics. The people behind Milkandmoney have diverse backgrounds, but share a common love for the untouched, the pristine, the daring and the exclusive aspects of life. With the magazine, they want to spread the love for printed word and visual material, and push further the development of a creative and daring environment in the Norwegian capital.
From what we have heard, the people behind the magazine are working on the next edition, which is due mid October. It will of course be for sale in store, but you can also pick it up at other selected Oslo-stores. For all of you who desperately want the mag, but cant afford the ticket to Oslo, send a request to bastian(a) The magazine will be online shortly. So, check it out: