HL X Whiteout Launch

f_dsc0215m_8614782.jpgA while back we had a little launch party instore for the HL X Whiteout tee. With the store full of Norwegian 'pillars of the community' the place was well lit indeed.
Store favorite and streetwear aficionado Mike was on hand to take some pictures. You can see some more party/bad diet pictures from Mike at akam1k3. The tee project has had well appreciated support from skate and snow big hitters such as Tacky and Playboard. Also from Norway's leading art, culture, music, fashion website Kjefta and Norways biggest and best Hip Hop magazine Kingsize.
Many thanks people.
f_dsc0176m_789860a.jpgf_dsc0192m_a090e43.jpgf_dsc0170m_8d9e2a2.jpgf_dsc0189m_8fb7b20.jpgf_dsc0182m_7197fa3.jpgf_dsc0184m_5ae0bd6.jpgf_dsc0191m_8877042.jpgf_dsc0194m_2f25555.jpgf_dsc0200m_69220e9.jpgf_dsc0217m_1a6bdfa.jpgf_dsc0226m_5aaec0d.jpgf_dsc0238m_4069c94.jpgf_dsc0243m_4345b69.jpgf_dsc0244m_c73c11f.jpgf_dsc0245m_3289eab.jpgf_dsc0246m_6036435.jpgf_dsc0248m_2c72201.jpgf_dsc0251m_ee147c8.jpgf_dsc0252m_64727e3.jpgf_dsc0254m_d4a5b23.jpgind.jpgEven HL's Mark James made it via emailmj.jpg