Cash Only

Hunting Lodge presents the The ‘Clay Davis’ pendant.
With the global economy crisis in full swing we are witnessing never-seen-before-discounts in chain stores, money not being safe in the banks and people having to become amateure economist’s before risking booking a flight. Companies which have been making good money for years are being forced to bring it back down to the street hustle.
Not us at Hunting Lodge. We let ‘Rocky’ handle all our finances. So far we have bought a mansion, servant robot, A tiger, fur coats for all the mrs and we are just waiting on some transferred funds from an ex Nigerian bank manager.
Sitting pretty….
To commemorate these changing times we give you this solid 14K gold pendant which reads Cash Only. Here’s what Clay had to say on it – “Money Launderin' they gonna come talk to me about Money Launderin' in West Baltimore, Sheeee-it, Where do you think I'm gonna raise cash for the whole damn ticket! From Laundromats and shit, from some tiny ass korean groceries, you think I got time to ask a man why he given me money or where he gets his money from, I'll take any mothafucker's money if he given it away!”