Banksy - New Work and Piss Stone

Banksy has been out on the streets of east London again, this time two new pieces appeared over night. The pieces feature Mr Banks now legendary stencil technique with his famous sense of humour. Great work again. We were lucky enough to be in the area when Banksman struck. While working on this piece the cheeky scamp was caught short, and had to relieve himself against the wall, to the left of the second image, just out of shot. We were watching from across the street, and after the dust had settled, the paint and urine dried, we grabbed a piece of the piss soaked wall. The stone, containing Banky's urine and DNA, is a real collectors item, and in the wrong hands could be used to clone the graffiti artist, (some say this has already happened a few times). 'Piss Stone' will be on display at Hunting Lodge soon. It will also be up for auction.