Its Our Thing

A new brand for HL. Direct import from Japan and a HL exclusive for Norway. Really strong graphic tees which stand out in the current street fashion climate.
Operating from Tokyo's Aoyama district It's Our Thing started when the graphic designer PMKFA and his Osaka counterpart and head of production Sweatshop Union joined forces to create a common output for their ideas on how they wanted a label to look like. PMKFA's work can be seen applied on many other brands such as DC Shoes, Sixpack France, WESC and many more over the next year. The concept of the brand has been from the start to create designs containing a bit more effort than the average t-shirts. Not choosing the obvious path when creating things. The new collection draws inspiration from 70's sports idol illustration, chicago juke music, Ethiopian dictators, 16th century woodcuts and movie posters from the late 60's Checkoslovakia.
Since the start they have supplied to shops like Beams, WoodWood, Norse etc etc and been visible on the reg in magazines like Nylon Guys, Tokion Japan, Streetwear Today and Lodown.