Hunting Lodge - A group exhibition about forest life.

Hunting Lodge - A group exhibition about forest life.
'So macho it’ll make you puke'
Featuring illustration by Cupofill: Thomas Borge, Ole Fredrik Hvidsten, Adriane Vinter, Lars K. Huse. Cupofill are currently studying Illustration at NKF in Oslo.

Exploring the term ”Hunting Lodge” through Illustration. Going deep into the woods alongside logging lumberjacks cutting down trees and camouflaged hunters lurking around, waiting for big game.
There will be lots of flannel shirts, big trucks, hunting knives, eagles drinking whisky, guns,
animals both living and deceased, log cabins, big bushy beards and silvery sparkling Alabama chrome.
Answering the question - What exactly do manly men do when they go deep into the woods?

Cupofill present ‘Hunting Lodge, A group exhibition about forest life’
Hunting Lodge basement
4th –18th June 2009
Launch- Thursday 4th June 6pm-8pm.
Please email for guest list.