Dickies NY Legends Series

Recently Dickies got together with famed photographer Ricky Powell to commission a tee shirt series titled 'NY Legend's'. Ricky Powell known around the world as the 4th Beastie Boy has photographed some of the best known rap and hip hop artists of all time. He enlisted three graffiti legends in the form of Quik, Dr. Revolt and Zephyr to rework some of his own prints and the results were released as a limited tee shirt run. We have all the styles available in the store for a limited period of time. Check them here.
More info on Quik, Dr. Revolt and Zephyr after the drop.
QUIK was unable to play baseball as a child due to a troublesome arm injury. Instead, he went on frequent subway trips to see the games played. During these trips, Lin Felton (aka QUIK) became fascinated with the graffiti that covered the trains and stations. By the time he was ten years old, Lin was skipping choir practice to tag anywhere he could, quickly becoming the uncrowned “King of the Tag” in Hollis, Queens, where he grew up. QUIK’s work, which includes graffiti art and paintings and focuses on social injustice and racial discrimination, became recognized by the art world in the 1980s. He has exhibited in art galleries and museums in the United States and internationally. QUIK has also worked in the Netherlands, where he lived during the 1990s, as a director’s assistant, production coordinator, set designer, and actor in avant-garde theater. QUIK is currently working with the New York City Department of Education/Special Education division and actively continues his creative output along SEEN at SEEN Studios in the Bronx. He writes a monthly column the German hip hop magazine Backspin and has contributed text to many upcoming international publications regarding urban cultures and their artists. QUIK lives in New York.

DR. REVOLT was born and raised in New York and is an original member of the historic New York City graffiti crew The Rolling Thunder Writers (RTW). REVOLT is known for tags, elaborate pieces on the 1 line with psychedelic colors and comic art–influenced stylings, and later for taking it “all-city” with his contributions to the seminal hip hop films Wild Style and Style Wars, various music videos, and album covers. He created the classic “YO! MTV Raps” logo and did a tour of duty in Baltimore where he, like a “messenger of style," single handedly kick-started a graff-scene that still feels his influence today. His place in the history of "graff-dom" is secure. His work has been, and continues to be seen in various publications and art galleries globally. DR. REVOLT lives in New York.

ZEPHYR was one of the pioneers of the New York subway graffiti movement from the late 70's to the early 80's. Today he has made a comeback to the scene, and proves himself, once again, a true graffiti legend.