Friday Meat Snack! #3

'Top Secret Hamburger' by chinese artist Liao Yibai. A stainless steel sculpture of a hamburger weighing 330lbs and made from 2600 pieces of welded steel.
secret-hamburger.jpg"Top Secret Hamburger" takes inspiration from a childhood experience: While attending school at a military factory in China, "Yibai and his classmates were taught one English word a day. One day, the word was 'hamburger,' however, the teacher was not able to explain what it was beyond a symbol of American 'decadence'." The students managed to convince a classmate's father to bring one back from the United States. A rancid five-day old hamburger was pulled out from a diplomatic envelope labeled "Top Secret" — at the time it took five days to travel between China and the US — and everyone took a bite.