Domo at 7Eleven!

Domo, the Japanese stop-action character and meme celebrity, is appearing this fall in an elaborate 7-Eleven storewide promotion, and his toothy brown face is plastered on everything imaginable. Including some truly inventive and funny packaging design for the hot dog containers.
domo-7-eleven-hot-dog-1.jpgTons of signage of all over, collectible Slurpee cups (and Domo's own custom flavor, Fuji Frost), character straws and coffee cups. There's even Domo schwag like hats, t-shirts, and books. Evan Brody, the marketing manager for Slurpee, told Brandweek that 7-Eleven's consumers "love crazy Japanese shit."
domo-7-eleven-hot-dog-2.jpgdomo-7-eleven-hot-dog-3.jpgdomo-7-eleven-coffee-cups.jpgdomo-7-eleven-display-5.jpgGet the full story here!