Papercraft Mills Bomb and Uzi

New from Martin Postler and Ian Ferguson we have the Mills Bomb and UZI Paper Model Kits. The Mills Bomb being a 2:1 model of the classic hand grenade and the Uzi being an exact replica of the micro machine gun. As with Martin Postler's earlier AK47 release the models are completely accurate and this time around slightly easier to construct....
The Mills Bomb was developed at the beginning of the 20th century by the golf club maker William Mills and later committed to the British Army. Through its distinctive look and the use of the grenade in mass media, it has become the archaic form of the modern hand grenade.
The UZI was named after the inventor Lieutenant Uziel Gal. Historically, the UZI is one of the oldest mini assault rifles and the most commercially successful weapon of the 20th century. Developed in the 1950s for the Israeli armed forces, the UZI became a symbol for the machine gun in pocket format – easy and cheap to produce and saleable worldwide.
Ultimately, both these models thankfully remain pieces of paper. We have these two kits and the original AK47 in stock here.