Cabin Fever

“Extreme irritability and restlessness from living in isolation or a confined indoor area for a prolonged time.”

Featuring work by:
Scott De Castro
Joehari Lee
Richard Paul
Anders Talleraas at Hunting Lodge basement
4th – 12th June 2010

The leisure and entertainment process could be seen as a predominantly male activity and has become more accessible through innovations in technology. Traditional outdoor sports and activities are readily available, as visual entertainment, via various media, allowing for more time devoted to looking rather than participating. Cabin Fever is a group show by four male artists based in Oslo, Glasgow, London and Bergen. It examines the notion of leisure activities and their relationship with art, questioning the relevance and accomplishments of certain activities and/or nonactivities. Wall-mounted works, video and sound installations are all used to observe and manipulate the perceived idea of what constitutes a certain pastime. Tampering with the various mediums employed in recording these activities means that the goal or objective is never fully realised and the result becomes an endless, repetitive sequence, which throws into question the whole purpose of leisure pursuits and entertainments. Transforming these activities into artistic endeavour means that, as art, they have come full circle, creating a paradox; by dismembering and questioning the value of one activity, they create another—and to what purpose? - Nothing more than a form of entertainment. The intention of this exhibition is to forge links between artists in each city and collaborate on future exhibitions on an international level.
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