Hunting Lodge Racing Musette Bag

Hunting Lodge recently teamed up with a Bristol based custom bag manufacturer (iL) Soigneur.
The result is this contemporary take on the classic road racers 'feed bag'. But this one is not just for carrying food on extended trips, this version has been designed so it's also perfect for carrying iPads, documents and other essentials around the city.
The Hunting Lodge Racing Musette bag has been hand made by a specialist UK maker using the highest quality fabrics and components to ensure a robust and hardwearing Musette.
Available in black with navy interior or navy with orange interior.

Hard wearing waterproof nylon canvas outer
Contrast nylon ripstop lining 
Sturdy 5cm strap
3 marine grade snap fasteners
Vinyl Hunting Lodge Racing 'OSLO' logo
Dimensions: 35cm x 25cm

Product photography: Anders Lindholm