Kjeft a! is 3 Years Old!

Our good friends over at Kjeft a! are turning 3 years old this week. For the last 3 years they have been keeping the design community of Norway on lock with over 2400 posts! Like all 3 year olds they need a big party to celebrate. But there is no drunk clown booked for this one. Instead they have put together a lineup of Norway's finest to ensure no toddler tantrums. There will be cake, sausages, dancing, drinking, a film screening and a poster exhibition! Wow! They had me at cake! All this takes place this Friday (5th March) at the excellent Blå. The posters have been silk screened in a limited edition of 100 and will be up around the city and in store this week. Grab one if you can. See some production pictures here.
And that’s not all. The stamp you get on entry is good for 20% off any product at Hunting Lodge. Valid as long as the stamp lasts!