Keep Cups

Our resident coffee aficionado tuned us in to these after his recent trip to London. Sourced from one of his trawls of the city's finest coffee shops. We have been looking at reusable coffee cups for a while now but these ones really stood out. Being fully customizable in terms of appearance and the fact that they are the world’s first barista friendly standard sized reusable cups. They were designed by two ex café owners who were fed up with the waste they were creating daily with the disposable cups. The cups fit all standard barista equipment meaning that you can go to any coffee shop and get your coffee in your own personalized reusable cup. The cups are manufactured from food safe polypropylene and silicone making them lightweight and dishwasher safe. The components are made up of lid, stopper, protective sleeve and cup. They are all interchangeable which gives many colour possibilities and the chance to have something really unique. Making them the considered choice for coffee on the go.
More images after the drop. Available in two sizes.