New Brand - Beinghunted

Beinghunted began in 2001 as an early ‘blog’ incarnation. Created by Joerg Hass as a ‘playground’ to experiment with new formats, new concepts of editing and transmitting news digitally. Over the last 15 years it has matured into a global platform for creative ideas. 

Joerg’s interest in graphic T-shirts has been evident throughout the project, and he has been designing and producing since the mid 1990s with heavyweight collaborations from the likes of Stüssy and Gasius. It is no secret that we are big subscribers to the graphic T-shirt here at Hunting Lodge. Its place in streetwear is firmly centred at the core of the culture. With mass-market sneakers currently dominating the street culture spectrum, it is refreshing to see a brand with such a focus on the conceptual graphic T-shirt. Especially when it is executed with such clinical precision. 

This collection is part of a 'World Tour’, where the brand continues to curate cultural artifacts that might have been forgotten or which are buried deep in archives scattered around the planet. 

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