Bread and Butter Trade Show

HL went to the Bread and Butter in Barcelona recently. Barcelona is one of the only places in the world that is still lively in January. Always a good time when we visit.

Some pictures
img_5288.JPGLunchimg_5292.JPGThe circus was in townimg_5293.JPGimg_5311.JPGCheck the froimg_5314.JPGString Vest print with added beer belly. Not something some of us need to draw attention to.img_5315.JPGimg_5317.JPGimg_5322.JPGCTRL killed Bread and Butterimg_5323.JPGMost scary stand award winners- France is in the houseimg_5325.JPGYear of the ratimg_5330.JPGimg_5337.JPGimg_5339.JPGPaint by numbers cred at the reebok complex- Streetart, Break dance and beatbox etc etcimg_5345.JPGAnd heres the real deal at the Staple standimg_5347.JPGStreet where exactly?img_5350.JPGMastermind 1000% are so niceimg_5349.JPGMy man has 4 of themimg_5355.JPGimg_5358.JPGimg_5360.JPGimg_5363.JPGThats the lot