STAR WARS: The Force Trainer

The future has finally arrived in the form of The Force Trainer, one of a new line of STAR WARS Science toys by the well known educational toy company Uncle Milton.

To use The Force Trainer you put on a headset that features dry EEG sensors and technology developed by NeuroSky; the sensors read your brainwaves, and the brainwaves are then translated to the fan in the column of the toy—the better your concentration, the more you are able to control the fan and the ball rises or falls. The Force Trainer has 15 training levels, and Yoda serves as your Jedi Master, helping you along the way with training tips and sound effects. The Force Trainer should hit stores shelves by September 2009 for around $130.
I say they should release it on May the 4th!
yeah whatever.
thanks to Cool Hunting for the tip off!