Magnetic Man feat Skream+Benga at Øya

So Øya Festival is just around the corner. Which means its nearly time for the whole city to get ready for a week(ish) long party with one of the most interesting Festival line ups of the summer. We are gonna a pick out a few treats on the run up to the Festival.
Looking good for a low end bass assault this year. UK dubstep pioneers roll into town with their supergroup Magnetic Man. Skream and Benga both out of the Dubstep mecca Croydon, UK have been making music since their early teens and have helped shape the the sound of modern dubstep. With dubstep coming in to it's own worldwide and the quality of records being produced being at the highest level, its the perfect time for Skream and Benga to take their show and sound worldwide.
Magnetic man Play Odden at Øya on Friday 20.45 and and then a DJ set from Benga and Skream at the excellent Villa club later the same evening. Expect speaker testing sonic bombs for the duration.