Quadici by Gourmet

Throw a load of components at a concept shoe and more often that not they come out looking something like Homers car. But with the Quadici, Gourmet have got things just right. Innovative and good looking but with seasonal sensibilities to match. Utilizing some on point duck foot action they really show Gourmet stepping up its game and biting at the heels of Visvim in the innovation and attention to detail department. The shoe is constructed using a luxury mix of napa leather, molded rubber, pigskin leather liner, full-grain leather laces, memory foam insole and a technical air bubble. In Norway winters can be cold and wet. Finding a good winter shoe can be hard work if you not feeling the 'just about to make an assault on K2 look'. But here we have it with a shoe that’s gone viral on all the major blogs already. We now have a few ‘real life ‘ pairs available exclusively for Norway. Here

Available in Hunter/Papyrus (shown and Black/Black)
See more images of the Quadici and new model Cinque after the drop.