Ken West Cancels Tour!

Kenny West was forced to cancel his tour last week after apparently falling out with his tailor. The incident occurred at Ken's rented apartment in downtown LA. His tailor, Mr Swift, was there to measure Ken up for some new suits for the tour. According to a source, Kenny was trying to watch MTV as Mr Swift was measuring him up. Kenny was enraged when the master tailor stood in front of the TV, obscuring Ken's view, meaning he couldn't see his favorite video. Ken had texted numerous times to get the video played, and when it finally was shown, his tailor got in the way. Kenny flew into a rage, shouting at Swift, "Das my fave tune, damn fool, you made me miss my favorite video Mr Swift, i tells you, you owes me for my texts innit". Mr Swift refused to continue working with Mr West until he apologized, leaving Kenny without his trademark linen suits for the tour. Kenny was seen later that afternoon sobbing on a park bench pulling pins from his pants. Mr Swift has refused to comment, but left a message on his twitter saying "@KenWest is prick"
Angry Ken.
A tailor yesterday.