Nash X Second Son

“Second Son and their extended family member Nash Money have finally got around to making a collab. Internationally known for his intricate, hand-sewn custom sneakers, Nash has recently dropped a new shoe designed from scratch for DC and has another coming soon with Lacoste. Meanwhile Second Son have been steadily expanding their range to include a selection of classic cut ‘n’ sew pieces with unusual detailing, but they were originally known for their graphic tees so that’s where the pair decided to begin the collaborative process.
The last few times they worked together led to Nash wearing a fake horse’s head, firing shotguns and getting trapped in the G20 police cordon for six hours (not all at the same time). So for this project they played it safer by staying in the studio and coming up with a collaborative t-shirt design instead. Nash has transferred his signature moccasin cross stitch from sneakers to clothing with a enlarged photographic print that circles the entire hem of the tee, topped off with a collaborative logo crest at the chest pocket. Since Nash magnified his stitching for the design, Second Son shrank him down for their photoshoot to fit in with a selection of his hats, shoes and the tools of his trade. The t-shirt is available now in two colourways: Nash’s trademark electric blue on a white tee and bright teal on black.”
Available here